Melinda Keller, DC

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Melinda Keller, DC

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Finding a good and experienced chiropractor in Brooklyn New York can be a tough job. We know there are many to choose from in the Brooklyn area but we feel that here, at Brooklyn Spine Center, we set the standard for chiropractic care and beyond. In the below paragraph we have described what chiropractic is and throughout this website you will see that Brooklyn Spine Center treats many types of pain and includes extensive exercise rehabilitation with our many modalities.

Most People think that you go to a chiropractor just for back pain, but Dr. Melinda Keller treats many types of pain and includes many technologies to treat pain and keep his patients on track for a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractors in general treat 'subluxations' or misalignment of the spine. When spinal irritation to the nerves is reduced, nerve function is restored, and the body typically returns to a more optimal state, resulting in improved health.

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