Mary Holmes, CCH

Hypnotherapy, Art Therapy
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Mary Holmes, CCH

Hypnotherapy, Art Therapy
  • 1954 view(s)

About Mary Holmes, CCH

Hypnotherapy, Art Therapy

Mary Elizabeth Holmes is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been in private practice in Los Angeles, California since 1992.  She is co-founder of Holmes Center for Hypnotherapy, where she teaches, conducts seminars, and provides goal setting/life coaching programs and hypnosis for groups and individuals.  She has appeared on national and international television networks including ABC, BBC, and DISCOVERY HEALTH.  She was instrumental in the creation of, (and featured in), The SMART Technique, a weight loss program, with sales of over 375,000 to date.

Breakthrough with H.E.L.P. is a coaching process she developed that has been successfully used with individuals and groups; with out of work artists and burned out executives, and with happy and healthy individuals and companies who are proactive about staying that way.


Mary Holmes also works as a communications coach in the corporate sector.  Individually, as well as in partnership with Dr. Elena DeVos/Words@Work, (an educational consulting firm founded at Harvard University), Mary helps clients improve reading, writing, speaking, presentation, meeting and people skills. 

Incorporating a background spanning over three decades in both the visual and performing arts, as well as a unique understanding of the creative process, she illustrates why you have been unable to get yourself unstuck, and why it sometimes feels like the harder you try, the worse things get.  Utilizing creative principals and hypnosis, along with life coaching and goal setting techniques, Mary Holmes has been able to help thousands of clients achieve their dreams in a way that engages, entertains and inspires.  Mary helps both groups and individuals to lose weight, stop smoking,relieve stress, and alleviate pain and anxiety, to overcome stage fright, fears and phobias, improve performance and change their lives. 

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