Annie Siegel Alexander

Tapping (ETF) Practitioner
  • 1955 view(s)

Annie Siegel Alexander

Tapping (ETF) Practitioner
  • 1955 view(s)

About Annie Siegel Alexander

Tapping (ETF) Practitioner

Deep inside my heart I knew how important it was to learn to love and accept my choices, what and who influenced me and be able to make peace with myself.  I guide you to uncover the “magician” in you who can create “palace of possibilities” for yourself and be in control finally!  My goal is to help you be heard and acknowledged and release old limiting belief patterns that no longer serves you anymore. I specialize in “the art of creative delivery”, trauma, fears and anxiety, depression, relationship issues (loss, break ups) etc.

I like to think as myself as a “EFT detective” and “magician” to help you find the root of your issues and feel more comfortable in your own skin. I have an amazing amount of techniques to play with! I look forward to hearing from you!

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