Michelle Zoryan, DVM

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Michelle Zoryan, DVM

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About Michelle Zoryan, DVM


Dr. Michelle Zoryan got her start in veterinary medicine at a young age, working for her neighbor at his local animal hospital. Throughout high school and college, Dr. Zoryan worked at various clinics throughout the Los Angeles area. Dr. Zoryan completed her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University in 2003. After graduation from veterinary school, Dr. Zoryan completed a rigorous internship at Animal Specialty Group in Los Angeles, followed by general practice for nine years at a thriving animal hospital in Glendale.

It was at this animal hospital where she worked with, mentored and became friends with Dr. Diane Tang. After forging a close professional relationship, Drs. Zoryan and Tang decided to realize their shared dream of owning their own animal clinic – and Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital was born!

Now currently living in Sherman Oaks, Dr. Zoryan spends her free time experimenting with new dishes and drinks to serve her friends and family, working out to burn off those excess calories and traveling to any place with sun, sand or a nice pool and hot tub. Dr. Zoryan is a self-proclaimed Vizsla lover, owning Lola and Osh who are the life of every doggy daycare! Besides these two crazy rascals, Dr. Zoryan also has three rescued cats who have been with her through all of the hair-pulling trials and tribulations of her veterinary education. A family this insane could really only exist in a household where animals are loved and prized above all!


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