City Veterinary Care

General Veterinary, Veterinary Dentistry
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City Veterinary Care

General Veterinary, Veterinary Dentistry
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About City Veterinary Care

General Veterinary, Veterinary Dentistry

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Andrew Kaplan, a Board-Certified Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist, City Veterinary Care offers both high-quality general practice and specialty medical and surgical care for dogs and cats.  City Veterinary Care is the Upper West Side's best source for patient treatment and client education.

Our highly acclaimed veterinarians, our knowledgeable and caring front desk staff, and our skilled and compassionate veterinary nursing team instill, with confidence, what every pet owner desires--the best possible care for their pets.

City Veterinary Care is committed to helping all of New York City's dogs and cats.  We operate a non-profit organization, The Toby Project, the objective of which is to solve New York City's pet overpopulation problem (approximately 10,000 dogs and cats lose their lives each year in our city's shelter system).  We also provide medical and surgical care at markedly reduced prices to over 30 registered 501(c)3 non-profit, animal rescue organizations, helping to prepare those dogs and cats for new homes.

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