Richard Benveniste, DDS

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Richard Benveniste, DDS

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About Richard Benveniste, DDS


I’m proud to offer some of the latest treatment options for gum disease. I’m a DDS but I also carry a Masters of Science in Dentistry. I’ve been on the lecture circuit for many years and over the last 30, I’ve taught many Doctors the Science of Periodontology. Quite often I’m asked what keeps me going. Well the answer is simple. I love helping to correct peoples gums, jaws, teeth and smiles.

Prevention is the answer to proper care of your gums. That’s why I’m committed to educating the public about proper care of teeth and gums tips. Through better awareness, my goal is to help people detect gum disease in its early stages for it also affects the heart, lungs, joints and many other body parts, long before gum and bone tissue becomes disfigured and begins to erode.

Dr. Richard Benveniste, DDS is a dentist who practices in Reseda, CA. He is 78 years old and has been practicing for 53 years.

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