Nico Moghtader, DDS

Holistic Dentistry
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Nico Moghtader, DDS

Holistic Dentistry
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About Nico Moghtader, DDS

Holistic Dentistry

Have your past dental experiences left a bad taste in your mouth? See how precise, conservative care from a holistic dentist can change this. 

There is a lot to smile about, and having an attractive, healthy smile only makes this easier. We understand that you have numerous choices when choosing a dentist in Los Angeles. It is our hope that you will see the emphasis we place on personal service as you browse our site. 

One of the first aspects of our dental office that patients notice is the effort placed on getting to know each person on a level deeper than "open wide." We want to know the concerns that you have about your smile so that we can create an atmosphere of teamwork around them. Using artistry and technical ability, Dr. Nico performs care to prevent problems, and restore, and enhance smiles across Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and the Greater Los Angeles area. 

Our menu of services includes:

  • General dental care from a holistic perspective. This means that we use the finest materials and most conservative and precise techniques.

  • Teeth whitening to restore brilliance to discolored teeth.

  • Porcelain veneers to disguise imperfections or damage.

  • Precise wisdom tooth extractions.

  • Zirconium metal free and titanium dental implants to replace missing teeth and roots.

  • Metal free approach to straightening teeth, such as Invisalign.

We make dentistry a positive experience for you. Dr. Nico has an excellent reputation throughout our area for putting patients first; listening to what they want to achieve and working hard to make that happen. In addition to a wealth of knowledge and artistic ability, Dr. Nico brings a caring attitude into your dental care. 

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