John Grill, DDS

Holistic Dentistry
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John Grill, DDS

Holistic Dentistry
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About John Grill, DDS

Holistic Dentistry

I have been practicing Biological Dentistry since 1992. I received my DDS

degree from the University of the Pacific in San Francisco in 1977. Great strides

have been made over the past twenty years in this integrative field. A number of

Biological Dental Associations have formed and peer-review research has proven

out the concepts of this healing art. Eventhough Biological Dentistry is not a

recognized dental specialty, it absolutely takes years of further study beyond the

excellent training I received from my dental school. Fortunately, in California,

laws were past to protect consumers' rights to pursue all types of healthcare 

models, conventional and alternative. In my approach, as one of your healthcare 

providers, I believe a more holistic or integrative approach can provide you both

great dental health and whole-body health. I've seen some amazing health

responses using Biological Dentistry. Go to the Educate Yourself tab and watch the four "Finding Cavitations with

Injections" videos.

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