Dmitriy Epelboym

Cosmetic Dentistry Center 7708 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 +1 718-491-3100
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Dmitriy Epelboym

Cosmetic Dentistry Center 7708 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 +1 718-491-3100
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About Dmitriy Epelboym

Dr. Dmitry Epelboym is a best rated dentist in Brooklyn. Nationally recognized as 2017 America’s Top Cosmetic Dentist. He is a leading dentist sited in prominent media outlets. At Cosmetic Dentistry Center in Brooklyn, you’ll find compassionate dental care you can trust.
Best rated dentist Dr. Epelboym uses the most advanced 3D scanning equipment available in USA. Latest machine reduces the radiation dose by more than 77% in comparison to conventional AC units.
Dr. Dmitry Epelboym received his dental degree at New York University College of Dentistry in 1993. He was immediately invited back to the University to teach aspiring dentists the art and science of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. it was during this time when the art of implantology and cosmetic dentistry found its beginnings.
Dr. Epelboym had the privilege of being involved in designing implant techniques and cosmetic dental procedures in US and in Europe. He has served in many prestigious dental organizations and has published numerous articles in professional journals that continue to help dentists in the fields of implants and cosmetic dentistry.

Through continuing education courses in dentistry, Dr. Epelboym strives to provide the best and most updated patient care available. His office is first in New York that utilizes InVizion, designed to restore full porcelain restorations without using any metal providing for a stronger, longer lasting, less problematic experience.

Dr. Dmitry Epelboym, DDS
Dental School - New York University

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Cosmetic Dentist
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Service(s) and Fee(s)

Dmitry Epelboym DDS -
Dental Implants - $2250
Zoom Whitening - $350
Scaling Root Planing (Deep Cleaning) - 1000
Onlay Inlay Crowns - $850
Root Canal - $950
Implants - $1200
Teeth whitening - $950
Veneers - $1050
Invisalign - $6000

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    Cosmetic Dentistry Center

    The Cosmetic Dentistry Center was established in 1992. It is Internationally recognized as the preeminent practice for Dental Implant Procedure and Cosmetic Dentistry in Brooklyn. It provides the best quality of care and patient’s experience available in Cosmetic Dentistry. The service offers a full range of the latest procedures and products including Teeth Whitening, Bonding, Bridges, Crowns, Dental Implants and Natural Porcelain Veneers. The Cosmetic Dentistry Center is a place where the care and comfort of the patients is the highest priority. Advanced Dental Procedures The best dental equipment available on the market today that you can not find anywhere in Brooklyn is used here. The3 floor state of the art dental facility is equipped with the latest CAD/CAM system which produces 1-hour crowns, latest and most advanced diagnostic scanners, 3D imaging and in house laboratory. Contact the Cosmetic Dentistry Center by the number +1 718-491-3100 for receiving an excellent service and consultation. Payment: cash, check, credit cards. Working Hours: Monday: 10am – 7pm, Tuesday: 10am - 6pm, Wednesday: 10am – 7pm, Thursday: 10am - 6pm, Friday: 10am - 6pm, Saturday: 10am – 4pm, Sunday: Closed. Cosmetic Dentistry Center 7708 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 +1 718-491-3100. Keywords: Cosmetic Dentist,Dental Braces, Porcelain Fillings, Enamel Contouring, dentist Brooklyn, cosmetic dentist Brooklyn, cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn, cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentist nyc, crowns nyc, veneers nyc, dental implants nyc, teeth hurt, composite veneers, dental retainer, cosmetic dental surgery, biomimetic dentistry, filling cavities, treating gingivitis, cosmetic dental clinic, dental crown in an hour, dental implants brooklyn, dental cosmetic surgery, removable braces, dental veneers pros and cons, crooked front teeth, how to avoid a root canal, loose dentures, veneers vs implants, minimally invasive dentistry, teeth braces, porcelain veneers.


  • New York University - College of Dentistry  ( - Jan, 1993)

    College of Dentistry

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