Homebirth Midwifery

Homebirth Midwifery Services
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Homebirth Midwifery

Homebirth Midwifery Services
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About Homebirth Midwifery

Homebirth Midwifery Services

We Believe . . .

that every family has different needs, and each labor and birth is unique. At HomeBirth Midwifery we empower you to make decisions about what you want for your prenatal care and how you want to birth. We become partners on this journey, developing an intimate and trusting relationship. As your midwifes, we will treat you with respect and facilitate this profound life event with joy and safety.

You can expect:
• Long individualized & relaxed prenatal visits
• Nutritional counseling
• Optional prenatal testing with informed choice
• Homeopathy, herbs and other holistic therapies, if needed
• Our selection of herbs, books and mother and baby care
• An extensive lending library of books & videos
…and more…

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